BA Piano Studio

Group Lessons

There are group lessons about 8 times during the school year. Both Suzuki and traditional students participate.  Some of the groups will be on regular teaching days as it has been in the past, but this year I have included some groups in Friday after school and Sunday early afternoon. I also included the Monday of the Thanksgiving week which was scheduled vacation time for individual lessons.

The groups are organized—not very scientifically—by students' age and music knowledge.

We play music theory games including rhythm, pitch, music terminology and music history, but the highlight of the day are the informal recitals. Every participant plays a polished piece to share with peers.

Judy Meisner and I will be co-teaching the groups. I'm very excited about this collaboration which will include and emphasis on the Music Mind Games curriculum.

Group Lessons Schedule

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Some other pointers about groups

Students may choose to not participate in groups. but there is no make up for missed groups.You just know that you will miss your group and your individual lesson when they fall on you lesson day. I’ll try to focus more in theory during their lessons, to compensate for the missed instruction.

Performance experience is required to participate in recitals. I will be difficult for me to schedule students who don’t attend groups regularly in formal recitals.

Adult students students are welcome to participate in group lessons. If they choose not to do it we’ll find a mutually convenient time to reschedule.