BA Piano Studio


Your tuition guarantees that I will be present to teach 36 weeks during the school year. (See Calendar).

Payment options are 9 equal payments of $218 due the first of the month, September to May. You can also choose to make one, two or three payments per year.  

If a student starts at a later date, the first payment will be prorated to reflect the missed lessons. All subsequent payments will be for the regular amount.

Other payment ideas...

I love it when people set up automatic payments with their bank; it's the easiest way for everybody and I reccomend it strongly. At the end of the year I calculate miscellaneous payments due and send a statement.

I have toyed with the idea of accepting credit cards but I haven't  worked seriously on it. If you would like to see that option, please let me know.

For beginner siblings...

One little break...

I will allow siblings who are beginners to enroll for 30 minutes instead of the required 45 minutes.

What does my yearly tuition cover?

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